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Yoga with Horses

Yoga means union. Through the use of yoga, I help guide you to experience the mind-body-spirit connection. By engaging in a combination of meditation, yoga asana (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), and equine assisted psychotherapy, you will become more deeply aware of your physical body, your emotions and your breath. In this way you will become more aware of your direct connection to and participation with the Divine.

Whether practicing yoga on the ground or on the back of a horse, it will allow you to ground and enhance awareness. It allows time to remember who you are and who you want to be. It is a time to reunite polarities, find balance in all aspects of your life, reconnect with your innate goodness and greatness, relieve physical and emotional pain and feel revitalized and nourished. You can then take what you learned on the ground or on the horse out into your real world. Far beyond a mere physical exercise, yoga goes straight to your heart and soul, opening the one while enhancing your appreciation of the other.

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How You Benefit

  Enhance centeredness and grounding

   Improve breath and body awareness

  Build trust and relationship 

   Relieve physical and emotional pain 

   Remember that you already have everything    you need 

   Heighten your direct connection to and            participation with the Divine

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