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Human life revolves around relationship and connection, its presence or absence, its success or failure, and the far reach of such effects into every feature of our lives. Our need to make connections is an essential component of being human. It is my belief that our wounds occur in relationship; therefore, we need to be in relationship in order to heal those wounds. I strive to create a safe environment in which to experience feelings and behaviors in the here and now while being in relationship with another, be they child, parent, partner, therapist, or equine partner.

Whether  you are participating in therapy in the office or with the horses, I help you connect with the present moment. Beyond negative emotions and future worries, the present moment allows you to connect with a deeper truth, move through old wounds, and cultivate the clear seeing needed to live the life you have imagined.  In the here-and-now, you have the opportunity to release the inner wisdom of your body. By being aware of your body, you can feel what needs to be felt, release what needs to be released, and have greater access to your body in harmony.  The greater connection you feel within will naturally radiate outward, allowing for more authentic connection with your Self and those around you.

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I Work With

  • teens
  • adults
  • couples
  • families 

Struggling with: 

  • trauma
  • relationship issues
  • life transitions
  • anxiety/depression
  • grief and loss 
  • addiction